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Chinese Government Scholarship Open for Application



Application for the 2019/2020 Chinese Government Scholarship is now open for Bahraini students. Online application please visit http://www.csc.edu.cn/studyinchina or www.campuschina.org , and the applicants should submit the corresponding application documents to the Directorate of Scholarship of Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Bahrain, who will recommend the applicants to the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Bahrain before April 1st 2019.

I. Scholarship Introduction:

Chinese Government Scholarship Program (Bahrain)

-5 Seats for general or senior scholar/undergraduate/master/doctoral programs

II. Eligibility:

To be eligible, applicants must:

-be a citizen of a country other than the P. R. China, and be in good health.

-be a high school graduate under the age of 25 when applying for undergraduate programs;

-be a bachelor's degree holder under the age of 35 when applying for master's programs;

-be a master's degree holder under the age of 40 when applying for doctoral programs;

-be under the age of 45 and have completed at least two years of undergraduate study when applying for general scholar programs;

-be a master's degree holder or an associate professor (or above) under the age of 50 when applying for senior scholar programs.

III. Application Documents :

Applicant need to submit documents in the order as:

1. Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship (online application).

Only English or Chinese are accepted for the online application. The Application Form will be created automatically after the correct filling. The link is http://www.csc.edu.cn/studyinchina or www.campuschina.org and agency number (Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Bahrain) is 0482.

Instructions of the online application is in the attachment.

2. Notarized highest diploma (photocopy):

Prospective diploma winners must submit official proof of student status by their current school. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.

*Please go to "Notary Public" or "Commissioner for Oaths" for notarization.

3. Academic transcripts:

The academic transcript should have the seal and signature of school. Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.

4. A study plan or research proposal in Chinese or English:

A minimum of 200 words for undergraduates, 500 words for non-degree students, and 800 words for postgraduates.

5. Recommendation letters in Chinese or English:

Applicants for graduate programs or senior scholar programs must submit two letters of recommendation in Chinese or English from professors or associate professors.

6. Applicants for music studies are requested to submit a CD of their own works:

Applicants for fine arts programs must submit a CD of their own works which include two sketches, two color paintings and two other works.

7. Applicants under the age of 18 should submit the valid documents of their legal guardians in China.

8. Foreigner physical examination form (photocopy):

Applicants planning to stay in China for more than 6 months must submit a photocopy of the Foreigner Physical Examination Form(attached) completed in English (See Q&A 6).

9. Pre-admission letter

Applicants with Admission Letter from designated universities should enclose the letter in the application package (See Q&A 4).

10. HSK Test Report

Applicants with valid HSK Certificate (two-year validity), which is not mandatory, should enclose it in the application package (See Q&A 3).

NOTE: The above documents should be bound on top left corner (in duplicate). No application documents will be returned. The incomplete application document will neither be evaluated, nor be accepted.

IV. Time frames:

January to April 1st 2019

Applicants submit their online application (our Agency Number is 0482), contact and apply for their favorite Chinese universities, and submit all paper documents (in duplicate) to the Directorate of Scholarship of Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Bahrain, who will recommend the applicants to the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Bahrain.

April 1st to April 15th 2019

After reviewing all application documents, the Embassy sends Award Letters to qualified candidates for Chinese Government Scholarship.

April 15th to April 20th 2019

Candidates can contact their favorite Chinese universities with the Award Letter, and send scanned pre-admission letters (once available from the target universities) to the Embassy.

April 21th to April 30th 2019

The Embassy sends all applications to China Scholarship Council for final review.

May 1st to July 31th 2019

China Scholarship Council confirm the candidates' application and send admission letters and JW201 visa form to the Scholarship winners. The winner can apply study visa from the Embassy and get ready to study in China.

V. Q&As

Please read the Q&As carefully. Questions already being answered will not be replied. Further inquires please contact telephone 17723093 and Fax 17727304.

1. Q: What are the categories and coverage of Chinese Government Scholarships?

A: Visit http://www.csc.edu.cn/studyinchina/newsdetailen.aspx?cid=66&id=3074 for the introduction of Chinese Government Scholarships.

Please note that Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Bahrain is only responsible for the recommendation of Chinese Government Scholarship and the agency number for online application in 0482. Application for other scholarships goes to other receiving agencies.

2. Q: Which Chinese universities are under the Chinese Government Scholarship programs?

A: A total of 279 Chinese universities are designated by MOE to accept Chinese Government Scholarship students from which you can choose your target university. You can go to http://www.csc.edu.cn/studyinchina or http://www.campuschina.org for programs and universities available.

3. Q: Do I have to register for Chinese-taught programs?

A: ①If you are an undergraduate student, you must register for Chinese-taught credit courses. If your Chinese language proficiency does not meet the requirements of your host university, you must take one academic year Chinese language/preparatory courses in one of the 10 designated universities and pass the required tests before moving on to your major studies. Failure to pass the required tests will lead to the automatic termination of your scholarship.

*If a applicant provides HSK Certificate (level 5 and above), once received the scholarship, he or she can start the undergraduate program directly without one-year preparatory Chinese course.

②If you are a graduate student or a non-degree student, you can register for either the Chinese-taught program or the English-taught program if applicable. You can check Program Search (By visiting http://www.csc.edu.cn/studyinchina or http://www.campuschina.org ) to find your interested program. Scholarship recipients of Chinese-taught programs without adequate Chinese language proficiency must take Chinese language training courses for one to two academic years to reach the language requirements of their host universities before moving on to major studies. Failure to reach the required language proficiency will lead to the termination of scholarship. Recipients in programs such as Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine (Western Medicine), Economics, Management, Legal Studies and Fine arts will take Chinese courses for one academic year. Recipients of Literature, History, Philosophy and Chinese Medicine will take Chinese courses for no more than two academic years. Scholarship students of the English-taught program or with adequate Chinese language proficiency (with valid HSK certificate) do not need to take Chinese language training courses.

4. Q: Can I apply for Chinese Government Scholarship without Pre-Admission Letters?

A: Yes. Applications enclosed with the Pre-admission Letter will be sent directly to the host universities for placement confirmation. Applications without the Pre-admission Letter will be sent to universities to go through admission procedure. For applicants without the Pre-admission Letter, China Scholarship Council cannot assure the host university will be one of the preferences of institution, since the capacity of the universities and the eligibility of the applicants will also be considered.

*We strongly recommend the applicant to apply for your target universities as soon as possible (even as self-supporting student first), confirm with the university that the major and institution you choose could accept Chinese Scholarship winners and get the pre-admission letter, which will give you a head start in getting our recommendation. Please scan the pre-admission letter (in pdf format) and send to the Embassy. If a applicant got more than one pre-admission letters, please note which is your first, second and third choice. We will arrange the enrollment in such order and after admission, the applicant will not be permitted to change their academic programs, host universities or duration of study.

5. Q: Does the Letter of Acceptance or email from the supervisor equal to the Pre-admission Letter?

A: No. Only the pre-admission Letters (or Admission Letters) issued by the admissions office of designated Chinese universities are considered valid. Other files like acceptance letters from potential supervisors or emails from supervisors or professors shall not be regarded as the equivalent or substitute.

6. Q: Is the Foreigner Physical Examination Form a necessary document?

A: Yes. Applicants planning to stay in China for more than 6 months must submit a photocopy of the Foreigner Physical Examination Form completed in English (The original copy should be kept by the applicant).The form designed by the Chinese quarantine authority can be downloaded from the attachment. We do not have designated physical examination so please consult the hospitals for their qualification.

The physical examinations must cover all the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete records or those without the signature of the attending physician, the official stamp of the hospital or a sealed photograph of the applicants are invalid. Please select the appropriate time to take physical examination as the result is valid for only 6 months.

Applicants with Residence Permit for Foreigner in the People's Republic of China should also submit valid Foreigner Physical Examination Form.

7. Q: How can I know the admission result?

A: After checking all the eligible application documents, the Embassy will send scanned Award Letter to the candidates (applicants who are not on the list of candidates will not get noticed). The admission result letter will be sent by China Scholarship Council to scholarship winners before end of July.

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